Rob Albertson, Realtor®

Welcome to What About Austin

How you live should determine where you live. It seems a simple premise, and its why so many are choosing to call Austin home - the music, the food, the arts, the parks, the lifestyle.

But in searching for that Austin home, too often it’s about the x’s & o’s - square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms, price. While it's an important part of the search, something's missing.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce the interactive Austin lifestyle home search presenting all the Austin homes & condos for sale, while allowing you to overlay whatever is important to you in finding that perfect location. Want a walkable urban landscape or a quiet, cul-de-sac oasis? Zoned to a particular school, walking distance to a favorite coffee shop, or minutes to a dog park? All this & more is easy with the Austin lifestyle search tool.

Contact me should you need more information on a particular Austin home or condo, where to find the best breakfast taco, or for general questions about the buying or selling process. And remember, how you live should determine where you live.